A Brief Case of the Mondays

Canadian Maple Mini Cruiser – 20 hours – Materials used: Razortip Pyrography Pen, Acrylic Paint

I’d say the majority of our feet drag a little slower and a little closer to the ground every Monday morning. Why? Because Mondays can be absolute trash. Back to the grind – weekend a distant and sometimes blurry memory, Friday feels like an eternity away, into to the office and that coworker that drives you slightly more insane with every conversation… Anyway, I aimed this mini cruiser board to represent that ‘Case of the Mondays’ we all experience once in awhile. Featuring a raccoon, also known as the beloved trash-panda, and his briefcase full of business garbage. He’s a little on edge still, you can see, due to the slow recovery from a fun filled weekend dumpster diving with his mates.