Encompass Series

Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan prairies

A wood burnt coniferous forest on a reclaimed cedar, maple, and greyboard build. Beautifully framed in oak thanks to my legendary dad! He’s really got the framing of my circle pieces on lock down… after I witnessed the first time be pretty gosh darn stressful. (but successful!)
F**king first times, am I right? Or as one of my hero’s, Brene Brown, puts it: “F.F.T.’s (effing first times): how hard it is to be new at things – from small things to global pandemics. When we have no relevant experience or expertise, the vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear of these firsts can be overwhelming. Yet, showing up and pushing ourselves past the awkward, learner stage is how we get braver.”
This concept of acknowledging and labeling a f**king first time has really helped me in my personal day to day life. Sometimes I notice I get habitually frustrated when I’m trying to draw new things, or prepare a new recipe, or unlock a new movement… or even figure out how to navigate society in a pandemic. Taking that brief moment to recognize: “Hey dude. You’re in an FFT right now. It’s okay.” immediately makes me lower my self inflicted expectations and have more understanding, patience, and forgiveness towards myself and others. We’re all just figuring it out. And that simple awareness releases a lot of tension and makes everything significantly more calm, even if it’s messy.
I HIGHLY recommend following Brene Brown on any and all of her platforms if you don’t already. She does podcasts, TEDTalks, books, social media – pick your platform. She’s got some powerful messages worth your time.