Freedom’s Gateway

Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan prairies

A commissioned piece I did for a good friend of mine, and a piece that made my personal favourites list pretty quickly. This is my first art project in bringing together the reclaimed wooden mountain-scape and the wood-burnt foggy forest that I love to do so much. I’d also like to draw some attention to the sun-rayed sky made out of mahogany. I patiently stained each individual ray (with 6 different types of stain) in a gradient from light to dark. A bit tricky and time consuming, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! Mahogany & me – we get each other.
It’s gonna be a sad day when I run out of mahogany. That’s always the hard part about working exclusively with reclaimed wood. I don’t have an endless supply of whatever wood type I’d like to work with. I have to work with what I can find, which is very unpredictable at times.