Peaks and Valleys

Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan prairies

I was originally planning to split this large artwork into 3 pieces, but the mountains just looked too good joining all together. Definitely one of the most unique shapes I’ve pulled off (with a lot of help from my legendary dad, of course). One morning I was scribbling thoughts in my journal about the metaphorical human experience in regards to peaks and valleys in our individual mental lives. Have you ever noticed how fast time speeds by when things are going great, and how it crawls when we go through something difficult? Each of us has our own completely valid experience with both sides; feelings of connection usually accompany a high and isolation accompanies a low. All of us experience these same internal waves constantly whether we see it in one another or not. There is no linear path through our existence, although we tend to cling to this idea of an acquirable full-time ‘happy’ life… and when it’s not consistently happening, we habitually convince ourselves that we’re doing it wrong and/or something is wrong with us. Which is simply not the truth and can be a lie that places you into a vicious mental cycle. The peaks and valleys are always naturally occurring and equally important to learn from. What’s helpful is to build a mental toolkit to navigate the valleys in order to climb back to the peaks in a more direct way. A lot of the time, we can’t control the waves of good or bad situations that befall us, but if we invest the time and effort into practicing mindfulness, we’re able control our instant and conditioned reactions to any situation… Which can make the journey a little more smooth and enjoyable when things seem rough.