Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan prairies

I was pretty proud of myself for pulling this concept off. All of the moons you see, even the crescent moons (made out of two different types of wood), were meticulously inlaid into the fractal sky. Every time I got one of the pieces to slide tightly into its designated hole, I did a full-on happy dance around the shop. I experience so much joy when my imagination successfully enters reality through my finger tips.
When coming up with a suitable title for this artwork, my mind wandered towards my own personal phases that I’ve experienced within my life so far. Ask any of my loved ones and they’ll tell you I’ve experienced many quickly changing chapters which have not always been a walk in the park – some quite dark and confusing as I slowly had to unlearn deeply ingrained parts of my personality that were no longer serving me, while blindly building towards a mentality that felt more complete. But on that same path I’ve also experienced patches of feeling incredibly vibrant and full at times. It comes and it goes.
We all naturally ebb and flow throughout our own phases. We sometimes get thrown off kilter when the unavoidable hardships of life befall us, temporarily leaving us feeling dark, less noticeable, less complete– shadows over taking the light. But as we continue forging forward, as the very essence of existence demands, it will always circle back to a more wholesome place.
One thing I know to trust in this waking reality is the absence of permanence, the cycle always continues. So if you feel like your in a good phase of your life right now, soak in every single one of those moments. And if you feel a little more covered in shadows, know that eventually they will pass as you continue to move.