Reflection of Sound

Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan Prairies

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my life experiences and how each has played a vital part of what I embody today. My personality has a high level of discipline and goal-orientation, which I know is a popular quality among many humans from different means, but I’ve been considering where exactly my personal story starts. If asked, I’d say I attribute a lot of it to how my parents chose to raise me. I was placed in classical piano lessons at a very young age – so young that I don’t even have properly formed memories of beginning lessons- and continued practicing piano well into my teenage years. It absolutely wasn’t a walk in the park for me or my parents– I strongly disliked it and put up a lot of resistance. We experienced many arguments because the majority of time I simply did not want to practice. I didn’t understand why I had to do it, but my parent’s words were the law, so every day I continued to show up to that piano bench no matter how I felt and put in the hours. I think the most valuable thing I absorbed, more than the musical knowledge, was how to be very bad at something for a really long time until suddenly.. I wasn’t so bad. And then suddenly I was actually kind of good. And then I was so practiced I didn’t even have to think about what I was doing and it was actually really enjoyable. My first access into the flow state. With every new song I repeated this process over and over again for over a decade. I truly think it instilled a sense of discipline in my adult life. When I take on new creative pursuits – I know the sort of time commitment I’m signing up for, how much I’m going to fail miserably, and how much frustration I’m going to experience. But I also know how to choose a high level of patience and determination for what I want – which is the most important part. Because I know in my heart that I can do anything that I put the time and effort into.