The Big Unknown

Mural at Casa Horizon, Nicaragua – 150 hours – Materials used: Acrylic and Chameleon Paint

This whole project was an absolute dream come true for me. I had said for a long time that I wanted to paint a mural abroad, and that intention manifested itself into this amazing opportunity in Nicaragua. Casa Horizon, on Playa Escameca, opened its doors for me for 3 beautiful weeks and I was fortunate enough to do what I love from sun-up until sun-down. Slowly piecing together my first mural incorporating this intricate octopus and matching turtles. I took inspiration from a plethora of elements: The native Pacific Stripped Octopus that lives off the shores of western Nicaragua, the turtle sanctuary located on Playa Escameca’s beach which protects 3 different types of turtle eggs from poachers all year round (through a wonderful organization called VitalAction), and the breathtaking sunsets the oceanic horizon holds every single evening. It was an honour to create in that tropical space and leave a little piece of myself in such a remarkable corner of the world