The Fractal Forest

Reclaimed wood from the Saskatchewan prairies

Taking the time to point at the people who’ve really shown up for me over the past year. I created this art piece as an appreciation gift for not only my housemate and close friend, but also my small business advisor: Tomas.
Tomas was the first person to seriously talk to me about going full time with my visual art. He planted a seed of hope in my mind and openly believed in me, even when I didn’t quite yet believe in myself. Tomas lives to lift people up: His talent is helping people grow within their passion, and it really shows.
The vast community of people around him represent just how encouraging and lovable he is.
I truly think the people that you choose to surround yourself with reflect your character: Tomas is loved by so many amazing, talented, hilarious, and kind humans- I’ve been honoured to be introduced to such a vibrant network. I know for a fact that the people he surrounds himself with are beautiful because he is such a beautiful human.
Not only has he been so crucial in my new business life, but also an absolute crutch in my personal life. I adore our connection and I’m so grateful to walk out of my room every day. His uninterrupted presence in our conversations never goes unnoticed. I always feel so seen, heard, and supported. Plus, this house is always brimming with laughter. It’s pretty great.
This art piece was inspired by one of his favourite places: The Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival. (If you know, you know) A lot of the talented people he has helped over the years have played their music on that legendary stage time and time again, and brought so much joy and epic dance moves to the masses under the trees.