I create art because it makes me feel a deep sense of presence and fulfillment. Being able to visually express my love for the varieties of life that the world seamlessly connects is both endlessly inspiring and profoundly humbling. Through my artworks I aim to draw attention and appreciation to an array of landscapes and wildlife with hopes to share their story and need for protection.


I specialize in wood based visual art, but am also experienced in other mediums such as graphic design and acrylic paints. I strive to use reclaimed wood wherever I can to minimize my impact on old growth forests and give the trees another chance in being admired visually through home decor instead of heading to the landfill. Through wood burning I create representations of a diverse selection of animals, plants, and landscapes to capture their beauty and instill a feeling of motivation among humans to conserve and protect their prolonged existence.

Mission Statement

To express, reciprocate, and instill a sense of gratitude for the natural world and the abundance of gifts it provides to us.

About me

My roots first started to grow in the flat-lands of Saskatchewan, Canada, although when I graduated high school in 2009 I chose to immediately follow my heart westward towards the mountains. I was labelled a tree-hugger from a young age due to my unwavering love for nature, which I’ve come to recognize as a pretty awesome compliment. I was trained at The Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC, as a graphic designer and after completing my diploma I decided for the next 9 years my focus was to travel as much as I possibly could. I worked and saved obsessively which allowed me to travel 31 different countries in that time span. On my very first over-ocean trip in 2012, while living in Brisbane, I began to draw freely as a hobbie and fell in love with the creative process. Throughout the years my skill, style, attention, and ideas have gradually grown into something so much bigger and wholesome.

I’m grateful and fortunate that both my father and grandfather were extremely talented wood workers. As a teenager I was gifted my grandfather’s old woodburning tool and eventually I began teaching myself the skill of pyrography (woodburning). Over many hours, years, and upgrades I’ve come to be an expert at the niche and have followed my family’s love for woodworking.